Bob was prompt in showing up to assess what was needed and provide an estimate. The work was done before lunch and received approval by the inspector when he arrived later. Bob called me when the work was done and waited until I got there so I could lock up. The hole I cut for the sink in the laminate countertop Bob said wasn’t big enough and he cut that larger for me without adding any charge from the estimate. The sink he put in I had picked up from Money Mike’s for $10 and it included the kitchen sink style faucet so the fact that I got that installed and mounted in the cabinet I bought was an additional benefit. Of course, buying it that way, it didn’t include all the extra parts you normally get. I picked up a universal drain for it from Lowes and Bob put the whole thing together.

I’m looking forward to putting up new sheet rock, gaining extra square footage because Bob capped the old fixtures behind the wall.

The new fixtures and caps used look really nice.